ASQ protocol

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Decentralized content economy that rewards authors for quality content in an open and transparent way


ASQ Protocol is a solution to the evergrowing amount of low quality content and the consequent challenge to produce, share, discover, and consume one that is of high quality and genuine origin.

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Why do we need blockchain?

We aspire to create an ecosystem in which users are free to choose where to create content, the monetization model and how to consume content, thus avoiding the walled gardens of modern content systems and social networks. The content will be associated with the user, and not with the platform, and users will be able to interact with content from multiple platforms, which in turn will offer users different experiences through curation, moderation and other platform-unique features.

  • Blockchain ensures fairness and transparency of monetization by allowing to track the value transfers between users. Blockchain is available for the public audit.
  • Blockchain preserves copyright by ensuring that the content generated by the user is associated with its original author.
  • Blockchain provides the technical means for tokenizing the value transfers between users.
  • Blockchain ensures the integrity and immutability of the data and protects the access to the content through the internal data encryption. Paid content is encrypted by symmetric encryption algorithms to preserve it as an asset.


The project model consists of two technological blocks:
Gateway and Protocol

App Level


Decentralized Protocol/Blockchain level

Content status
Funds distribution

Distributed Storage

Application (service/medium) layer, providing a gateway (access point/interface) to the ASQ

  • Access to the protocol: registration, UI for usage
  • Content creation and management tool
  • Discovery and filtering, moderation/curation
  • Revenue share with creators

The base layer, a decentralized content storing and sharing protocol (ASQ Protocol = ASQ)

  • Content (links to, transactions with the content)
  • Metadata:
    • Labels, links
    • Ownership
    • Revenue distribution rules (e.g. paywall)
  • Identity — accounts, funds, reputation
  • Wallet
  • Distributed storage (off-chain, P2P)
  • Micropayments infrastructure (virtually free)


Content creators
Can define the ways they benefit from their social impact and identity.
Allow consumers, creators and commercial entities to access the protocol, and extract value from facilitating rewarded transactions.
Can access any content they demand and reward their favorite creators, or even pay for bespoke content.
Commercial entities
Reach diverse audiences and reward them for interacting with their content.


Most of the content we consume today is delivered to us through commercial platforms with their own set of interests. These platforms control both monetization and discovery of new content, and tailor it to their own needs and business models: censorship and manipulation are used to control content delivery, and rewards to creators are limited and restrictive, if they exist at all.

The result is that consumers don't always find the content they need, and creators find it very difficult to reach the right people and retrieve the value of their content.

Despite these limitations, going outside those platforms means that discovery is even harder and monetization almost impossible.


We are building a decentralized content economy that rewards creators in an open and transparent way and enables users to discover and engage with quality content. We focus on secure, natural and efficient means of creating, discovering, distributing and monetizing content, simultaneously tackling issues of copyright, manipulation, and harmful algorithms.

The infrastructure will scale to an unlimited amount of gateways interacting with content stored on the protocol. The increase in the number of gateways and mediums will foster healthy competition and provide immense added value for both content creators and consumers.


Joe posted a guide on “How to ride a bike” through ASKfm 2.0 app

Joe chose a revenue model among Tipping, Direct pay and Crowdfunding models

Content was stored and published on the blockchain

Dan read “How to ride a bike” via one of the protocol apps and paid 10 ASQ for that

10 ASQ were distributed by the protocol to Joe, community upvoters, sharers, and apps used for publication and discovery

Dan has

Joe has


Q4 2018

Phase I: Centralized PoC on the ASKfm platform

Token sale conclusion
Testing different transaction and revenue models
Q2 2019

Phase II: Decentralized MVP

Protocol launch
Initial implementation on the ASKfm 2.0 platform
Q4 2019

Phase III: Full implementation with multiple gateways

Implementation on the launch partner’s platform

Strategic Partners




Ecosystem partners

The first gateway partner will be ASKfm, which will use the platform to launch ASKfm 2.0.

ASKfm 2.0 will connect users with people who will help solve their dilemmas, no matter how simple or serious they might be. What’s more, we are developing an educational aspect to the platform that will enhance our users’ experience with a series of incentivized challenges that will include tutoring, online courses, and other informational activities.

215 M

registered users

8 years

on the market

600 M







monthly active users


One of the largest SaaS platforms for creating social community websites, featuring fast hosting, extensive community and site management tools, 3-rd party integration and advanced content and membership monetization options.

2 M

created communities

10 years

on the market

10 M

monthly active users